Ottobre mese di Halloween

from 1 october to1 november

Skeletons, zombies, vampires and ghosts: Halloween is celebrated in Cinecittà World from October 3rd to November 1st.

The Cinema and TV Park of Rome is transformed for a month with pumpkins and corn on the cob, sheaves of hay and cobwebs and various themed news.

Among the must-see attractions CineTour - Horror Edition where the original cinema sets come alive with living creatures, Egyptian mummies between the scenes of Cleopatra, Zombies in the Cemetery of the Living Dead and ancient Romans returned to life.

Enriched by further special effects, the beloved Horror House, a journey through the dark among the most terrible sets in the history of horror cinema. From The Ring to Nightmare, from the Exorcist to Friday the 13th, to Lord Voldemort's cave, inspired by the Harry Potter saga, where guests walk alongside their worst film nightmares.

Even the shows will be Halloween themed.


  • Halloween Show - Uno spettacolo...da paura!
  • Zombie Walk -Una tranquilla passeggiata...tra i mostri!
  • Horror House - I peggiori incubi del cinema
  • CineTour - Il risveglio dei morti viventi
  • Inferno - La montagna russa infernale
  • Clownstrofobia - I film horror che prendono vita
  • U571 Erotika - Il sottomarino infestato da sexy vampire
  • Incubo - Il cinema horror in 6D
  • Il Bosco Stregato - Piccoli brividi...grandi emozioni 
  • Trucchi da Paura - I segreti del cinema horror
  • Truccabimbi mostruoso - Sei pronto a trasformarti in un vero zombie?
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