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Smart Park - The Park in your hands

The whole amusement park is within reach of your smartphone. Booking Attractions, eating, skipping the lines, enjoying a day of fun has never been easier.

Book Attractions

It’s for free from the Park, with a click from your mobile phone, book the attractions for you and your friends, at the time you prefer and skip the line!

Reach the Attractions

Reach all the places in the Park thanks to the interactive map and follow the directions to reach your friends!

Find out the waiting times

Wherever you are in the Park, from your mobile phone, find out exactly the waiting times of each attraction!

Choose your menu

Compose your menu, order and buy  from your mobile: skip the line and be served.

Buy tickets

Skip the line: buy your tickets with a click from your mobile without going through the ticket offices.

The SMART PARK project involves the implementation of new technological solutions to ensure the safest and most enjoyable experience for park guests: the main objective is to transform Cinecittà World into the "first fully contactless park in Italy", focused on solutions for access control, cashless payments, virtual queues, capacity control and customization of the User Experience.

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