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roma - pasta & FAST food

The Roma Restaurant hosts a self service set in ancient Rome with typical Roman cuisine and with particular attention to first courses.

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Meats are cooked directly on our grill and a selection of the best Tex Mex dishes, accompanied by rivers of draft beer in a unique and engaging atmosphere.

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ristorante charleston

The Charleston Restaurant is the most elegant in the Park. The gastronomic offer is based on Mediterranean recipes from land and sea and a traditional pizzeria.

Restaurants & Shops 7

ristobar aqua world

Breakfast, lunch and aperitif at your fingertips right next to your sun bed and before diving back into the splendid waters of the Cinepiscina!

Restaurants & Shops 5

jurassic bar

Hungry like a dinosaur? No problem! In the Jurassic Bar you can satisfy your hunger or cool off with a nice ice cold drink.

Restaurants & Shops 2

american bar

The central Park Bar: cafeteria, gastronomy, breakfasts, snacks, ice creams, lunches and dinners.

Restaurants & Shops 8

il caffè di cinecittà

Cinecittà World coffee welcomes you in Piazza Cabiria, the entrance square of the Park, with breakfasts and delicious freshly baked croissants and greets you with aperitifs at the end of the day.


Restaurants & Shops 9

cinecittà shop

Cinecittà World in one shop! Various Cinecittà World’s related souvenir in a large store with original items of the amusement park. Surprise your family and friends back at home!

Restaurants & Shops 10

jurassic shop

After a "quiet" train ride through the Jurassic forest, surrounded and chased by Dinosaurs, you will finally find an escape!

Restaurants & Shops 11

roma shop

Let's discover the beauties of the Domus Imperiale along the sumptuous patio.

Restaurants & Shops 12

inferno shop

Returning from Hell, your journey is not over yet. This is the cursed set, in this place the memory becomes a legend.

Restaurants & Shops 14

altair shop

In the Altair shop you can find space-themed gadgets and many Altair products, to bring home a special memory of this journey into space!

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