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Cinecittà show

This year the Cinecittà Street for the Welcome Show is transformed into the famous Little Italy

NEW 2024

far west show - Il Disastro

A theater company immersed in the Wild West wants to create a grand show with cowboys and cowgirls. What could possibly go wrong? EVERYTHING

Scuola di polizia STUNT SHOW

A Stunt show full of high-speed chases, acrobatics and action scenes performed with cars and monster-trucks, inspired and derived by the big action movies.

NEW 2024

Spettacoli 8


The greatest duels in cinema history come to life, from Star Wars to Spiderman, passing through Avengers, Frozen, and Harry Potter.

NEW 2024

Spettacoli 8

sognando hollywood

"Dreaming Hollywood" will transport spectators directly into the dazzling atmosphere of Oscar night.

NEW 2024

Spettacoli 8

la parata del cinema

Actors, dancers, singers, mascots, transformers, and stunning cars will parade in Cinecittà Street.

NEW 2024

Spettacoli 1

roma on fire

Roma On Fire is the largest re-enactment show on Ancient Rome!
Over 100 extras including dancers, gladiators and centurions for a unique show in Italy. 

Spettacolo Magicamente Plastica

magicamente plastica

The only magic show aimed at raising awareness among young audiences about recycling and protecting the planet.

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