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Far West Show

The biggest show of the Wild West... or at least we hoped so!

Get ready for "FAR WEST SHOW - THE DISASTER", the show that promises to take the Wild West to a new level of comedic chaos.

An ambitious theater company tries to create the biggest Wild West show, with cowboys, sheriffs, guns, and cowgirls: what could possibly go wrong? Well, the answer is... EVERYTHING!

Shootouts, confused sheriffs, unpredictable cowgirls, and guns... well, it's better not to ask! In a crescendo of comedic situations, the actors desperately try to maintain control, but fate has a funny way of changing the rules.

Get ready to laugh, applaud, and enjoy the chaos with "FAR WEST SHOW - THE DISASTER", where the Wild West becomes the stage for comedic chaos.

Area Far west
Waiting 0-30 minutes
Tickets Parks + Hotel