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cinepiscina Birthday

The entire Park at your disposal and a reserved area (gazebo for 2h) at the Cinepiscina to celebrate with your friends.

Lunch served at the Aqua World Ristobar. You can choose between the Hamburger Menu (hamburger sandwich, fries, 0.33 l soft drink), Mixed Buffet (sandwiches, small pizzas, rustic, 1 bottle of Coca-Cola or orange soda every 4 people, water) or Complete Menu (at an additional cost of 9 € per person Pasta with tomato and basil, sliced ​​chicken and baked potatoes, bread, water).

Personalized cake with candle and name of the birthday boy (2Kg cake with sponge cake filled with Chantilly cream and chocolate chips, decorated in sugar paste).

Notes: the purchase of the package is possible up to 3 days before the chosen date.


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