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Themed Areas


Cinecittà is the area of ​​the Park that welcomes guests. You enter from the spectacular Cabiria entrance portal, to enter Cinecittà Street where you can admire the buildings of New York in the 1920s...


Behind the vestiges of the great aqueduct lies an ancient world to be rediscovered.


The big Altair space transport vessel CCW 02-04 dominates the center of Spaceland, the area dedicated to the world of science fiction

far west

You are in a border village, the railway has not yet arrived here and the only law is the voice of the guns.

adventure land

For all the fearless explorers looking for adventure, Adventure Land is the ideal place to be!

aqua world

Aqua World is a new themed area, the future Cinecittà World Water Park.

il regno del ghiaccio

Il Regno del Ghiaccio, the first indoor snow park in Italy

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