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A Playground Classic

In the Park, specifically in the Far West area, you will find several Prize Games, a timeless classic with roots in the playgrounds of yesteryear. Over the years, these games have evolved, but the goal has always remained the same: participate and win a prize!

- Cannons: Get in position, hold your cannon, take aim, and BOOM...if you can knock all the tin cans off their tops, the prize is yours!

- Tin and Skittles: You are in the village saloon and your aim is being tested. Prove your worth by knocking the bottles off the counter and come out a winner!

- Barrels: Wield your winchester, enter the western village and show your value centering the barrels without bouncing out the balls.

- Sieve: Relive the excitement of the gold rush. Buy your sandbag, sift through it, and find out how much treasure is hidden inside. The more gold you find, the bigger the prize!

- Basketball: Get your basketball, throw it and score a basket. Challenge your friends and try to get the highest score. Will you be able to win?

Prize Games are paid attractions

Area Far west
Waiting 0-30 minutes
Tickets Parks + Hotel