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A thrilling fall from a 60-meter-high drop tower

This spectacular attraction will give you the opportunity to experience a thrilling drop from a tower as high as 60 meters! The free fall tower, also known as a drop tower, is one of the most adrenaline-pumping attractions found in amusement parks, and the one at Cinecittà World is unique in Italy. What makes this tower special is that it is set up on the back of a massive elephant, making it visible from every corner of the park. Indiana is located in Adventure Land.

When you reach the top of the tower, you can choose from three different drop systems: sitting, leaning, or standing. Regardless of your choice, get ready for an experience filled with adrenaline and pure excitement.

Ready for your jump into the void?

If you're a true lover of adventure and adrenaline, you can't miss the opportunity to experience your own jump into the void on Cinecittà World's Indian Free Fall Tower. Gather your courage, get ready to challenge the heights and indulge in the thrill of free fall. This experience will give you unique and unforgettable emotions.

Opening ore 12:15
Waiting 0-30 minutes
Altezza massima
Max Height 195cm
Altezza minima
Minimum Height 130cm
Altezza minima
Kids Accompanied
Up to 140cm
Tickets Parks + Hotel