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Jurassic War - the Dinosaurs Battle

A real unique breathtaking adventure is waiting for us at Jurassic War- the Dinosaurs Battle!
After a smooth walk through real size Dinosaurs, a spectacular immersive tunnel simulator will take us back 65 million years ago in the Jurassic Forest.

Jurassic War starts with a quiet walk in which the visitor can discover reals size animatronics dinosaurs such as Triceratropo Velociraptor or T-Rex and riproduction of fossils. Then you visit the laboraory of Discovery Center welcomed by the Scientis, 90 persons at a time will board the Simulator to visit the reserve where some specimens of dinosaurs are living, brought back to life thanks to science and the study of DNA.

We are surrounded by spectacular images of a time and a vanished nature, everything appears harmonious and peaceful until an accident causes an unexpected change of route ... the evocative tour turns into a frenetic race pursued by the most fearful and bad predators of history. Will you survive the Battle of the Dinosaurs?

Jurassic War is one of the 2018's new attractions of Cinecittà World, it will be inaugurated on May 19th. A 90-seat train surrounded by a screen over 80 meters long with a film in 15k: Dinosaurs like never before seen in Italy!

Opening ore 12:15
Waiting 0-30 minutes
Altezza minima
Kids Accompanied
fino a 120cm
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