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Le tazze

A Rotating and Fun Attraction.

Cups are an amusement park classic. It is a rotating ride with many giant cups on which to ride. This attraction combines two types of rotation: the first depends on passengers turning the wheel in the center of the cup, while the second is a circular, independent rotation along the entire surface of the attraction. Each cup can accommodate a maximum of 4 people, including adults and children, ensuring a fun experience for the whole family.

A Crazy and Engaging Ride

Experience the thrill of this crazy ride aboard the large cauldrons used by the ancient Romans. The Cups are an outdoor family attraction that offers endless moments of fun. Climb aboard your favorite mugs, team up with your family, and enjoy the spins and laughter this attraction will provide. Are you ready for an unforgettable ride?

Area Roma
Waiting 0-30 minutes
Altezza minima
Minimum Height 80cm
Altezza minima
Kids Accompanied
Up to 120cm
Tickets Parks + Hotel