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Missione laser

An Indoor Attraction for All Adrenaline Fans.

Mission Laser is an exciting indoor attraction suitable for adults and children with a minimum height of 100 cm. Loosely inspired by Catherine Zeta Jones' famous scene in the movie "Entrapment," the challenge is to overcome, in the shortest possible time, a room protected by an intricate network of laser beams. Any contact with the beams will trigger an alarm, making the course even more compelling and challenging. This attraction is located in the Spaceland area, just below one of the park's most adrenaline-pumping attractions, Altair.

Gear up for a 007 Level Adventure

To take on Mission Laser, athletic prowess worthy of a secret agent like the historic 007 will be required. Are you ready to brave the lattice of laser beams and make it through the tunnel without getting hit? Test your skills, challenge your friends and find out which one of you will prove to be the next 007!

Please note that Laser Mission is a paid attraction.

Area spaceland
Waiting 0-30 minutes
Altezza minima
Minimum Height 100cm
Tickets Parks + Hotel