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Pezzi da oscar

Cinecittà celebrates its 80th anniversary with an exhibition featuring the largest statues, works of art and unique pieces made for the films that have been filmed in the historic studios since 1937.

From The Gladiator to Angels and Demons, from Oceans 11 to Ben Hur (recently shot at Cinecittà World) passing by colossals such as Cleopatra, Quo Vadis, The Godfather. Unique pieces from: Nothing left to do but cry, Gangs of New York, The Name of the Rose, The Leopard, Romeo and Juliet, The Last Emperor, The Sheltering Sky, The Legend of  900, Il pesce innamorato, A spasso nel tempo, La Dolce Vita, Don Camillo and The Miracle of Marcellino.

Films shot in the first 80 years of Cinecittà have received 90 nominations and 47 Oscar Awards: The exhibition trail is an impressive journey into the memory of cult films and kolossal.

The audience will enjoy a large permanent exhibition, built on 2 floors of Cinecittà Street at the entrance of the park, made up of statues, such as the impressive  meters tall "God Mars", star of one of the most important scenes of The Gladiator, carved by the historic family of sculptors De Angelis, who for 4 generations made masterpieces and unique pieces for Cinema and TV.

Over 300 sculptures from 30 films, advertisements and TV broadcasts.

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