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A Great Classic Attraction

Rodeo is a great classic in amusement parks and fairgrounds around the world. There is no person who has not ridden, at least once, on the crashing machines. At Cinecittà World, in Rome, you can have this exciting experience inside an indoor family attraction, surrounded by Far West scenery.

Adventures in the Wild West

Rodeo's Western-themed crash machines are enjoyed equally by adults as by children. Located next to Aqua Rodeo, these machines will make you feel like a real cowboy. Get ready to demonstrate your speed and skill as you climb into the saddle of your car and get ready for the clash. Challenge your friends and show them what you're capable of!

Area Far west
Waiting 0-30 minutes
Altezza minima
Minimum Height 90cm
Altezza minima
Kids Accompanied
Up to 120cm
Tickets Parks + Hotel