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Il Villaggio dei Gonfiabili

The Spectacle of the Dancing Fountains

Cinecittà World's dancing fountains are the largest area of permanent fountains in Italy. They cover more than 1,200 square meters, reach a height of 10 meters and offer a breathtaking spectacle with the continuous movement of water. These fascinating fountains are open all year round, providing unforgettable thrills for young and old alike.

The dancing fountains are an attraction that offers different experiences depending on the seasons. During summer, they are a perfect way to cool off and have fun, thanks to the dancing water jets that create a lively and playful atmosphere. In winter and during special events, the fountains amaze with the Cinema Drops show. A giant water screen projects the most beautiful scenes from Christmas movies, providing a magical and immersive experience.

Join the dance of the fountains...immerse yourself in the excitement and be enchanted by this extraordinary water show!

Area Cinecittà
Waiting 0-30 minutes
Tickets Parks + Hotel