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Zombie Walk

The worst nightmares of horror movies await you in the Far West area!

In the underground tunnels of the Far West area there is an old abandoned warehouse, used in the past to make some of the many horror movies shot in the studios. For many years now nobody has set foot in it. Someone said that to the eyes of the visitors, it seems like the fiction of Horror Cinema becomes reality. Many have lost their mind by venturing into these tunnels and nobody knows for sure what the truth is about this place.

A path with true actors among the most terrible sets of horror movie history: from The Ring to Nightmare, from The Exorcist to Friday the 13th, to Lord Voldemort lair, inspired by the Harry Potter saga, guests walk alongside their worst movie nightmares.

Face your fears, get down in the underground and find out what's hiding in the darkest place in the Park

Area Far west
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fino a 120cm
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