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CineTour - Emotions from Cinema

A Path in the World of Cinema

Cinetour, Emotions from Cinema is an indoor exhibition that will take you on a journey through the sets of the great colossals that have made the history of World Cinema. Through sets spanning the past and present, this exhibition, located in the Cinecittà World area, is curated by renowned special effects creators and make-up artists, Gaetano and Francesco Paolocci.

An Experience Suitable for Everyone

The cinema sculpture exhibit at Cinecittà World in Rome is suitable for everyone, including young children, and has an international flair. Guests are immersed in a journey between temples and pharaohs, through the iconic sets of films such as Cleopatra, the great 1963 film starring Liz Taylor and Richard Burton that won 4 Academy Awards. Next, we travel through the Graveyard of the Living Dead, a Gothic setting populated by animated zombies, and encounter monsters and hyper-realistic creatures such as Robocop and Terminator.

A Spooky Atmosphere for Halloween.

During the month of October, on the occasion of Halloween, the exhibition comes to life and comes alive with zombies, monsters and dark characters. Join the biggest Halloween party in Rome and get involved in this breathtaking experience!

Area Cinecittà
Opening ore 12:15
Waiting 0-30 minutes
Tickets Parks + Hotel