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Horror Hotel

A house of horrors with real actors

Cinecittà World's Horror House is a unique horror house, brought to life by real actors, that takes guests into the worst nightmares of Horror Cinema. Located in the Far West area, hidden among the wooden sets of one of the most beautiful sets ever, this attraction has always been a symbol of amusement parks and is considered one of the most beautiful in Italy.

A journey through the dungeon among the scary sets

The Horror House is not just a simple family horror house or an Escape Room, but a real path in the basement of Cinecittà World, among the scary sets that have made history. You'll meet monstrous characters, loosely inspired by the most famous scenes from scary movies: from The Ring to Nightmare, from The Exorcist to Friday the 13th, from Saw to Hannibal Lecter, to Lord Voldemort's lair, inspired by the Harry Potter saga. You'll walk alongside your worst movie nightmares to face fears and darkness in these forbidden places.

An even darker Horror House for Halloween

Throughout the month of October, for Halloween, the Horror House will become even darker and more terrifying, with new rooms and creepy characters. But that's not all! Discover the real Halloween surprise: the Asylum! Will you be brave enough to go down to the dungeon below the Saloon to experience the newest addition to Cinecittà World's Halloween Nights?

Area Far west
Non disponibile
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Kids Accompanied
fino a 120cm
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